How to Pay Traffic Violation Tickets Online?

NJMCdirect is not only dedicated to traffic rules violation payment but also can be used for parking violation bills. Sometimes we intentionally may park the vehicles thinking that no ticket will be imposed. While others do the same mistake due to the busy work schedules.

How to Pay Traffic Violation Tickets Online

NJMCdirect Pay parking tickets online

Whatever may be the reason, one has to accept the parking ticket laid on your vehicle. Similar to that of traffic ticket payment, parking bills can also be processed online. Parking violations also come under traffic violation bills and can be paid online using the NJMCdirect portal.

You can inquire about the traffic ticket or parking ticket any time using the portal. An additional fee will be added to the parking bill when you finalize the payment using the NJMCdirect service.

These extra charges will be added to the user based on the ticket and time payment order. You are not forced to pay through this portal so you can just view the total amount and pay through the court.

An extra amount up to $1000 will be added if the driver or owner of the vehicle doesn’t pay in the given time. In some cases, the driver’s license will be seized or suspended. Unless you have to accept the punishment dispensed by the New Jersey Courts Office.

Note: “The convenience fee added to your traffic penalty will be based on the amount billed by the officer for the violation.”


Eligibility Criteria for NJMCdirect

You need to meet the eligibility criteria for NJ courts to pay the traffic and parking bills online. Once you receive a traffic ticket from the officer, it can be viewed online only after 1 to 4 days. Each and every ticket cannot be paid at NJMCdirect unless you meet the criteria given below.

  • The type of traffic violation bill should be applicable for online payment.
  • Ther paid tickets should not have warrants.
  • If the officer strictly indicates the court appearance, you cannot pay the trafficking bill online.
  • The issues ticket should be on a Time payment order so that one can pay it before the due date.
  • To make an online payment using NJMCdirect, you need to have all the details like license number plate, ticket number, court ID.
  • Payment through NJMCdirect should be processed only when you have not paid the bill on any other platforms.
  • Your ticket should not exceed the due date issued by the court.

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